A brand new Slack platform in collaboration with Deno

A brand new Slack platform in collaboration with Deno Banner image's picture

The prime aim behind introducing Slack was to improve collaboration among developers. After getting a fair idea of what Slack can bring to the table, users could consider the APIs of Slack to share new products and reconstruct the approach of teamwork. Given the dependency on Slack that has accrued over the years, there is a need to evolve this platform with modern technology.

This is the basis of collaborating with Deno and bringing in innovation in Slack.

The skyrocketing popularity of Deno

Deno is not referred to as a programming language but a reliable runtime for TypeScript and JavaScript. It is based on the Rust and V8 JS engines. Developed with an aim to address the issues faced in using Node.js. Introduced by the creator of Node.js, it is extended for JavaScript XML, WebAssembly, and TypeScript extension.

The key consideration for choosing Deno is to maintain the value proposition of Slack. There are other following considerations that made the association effective.

  • A secure architecture

The security that Deno’s architecture offers benefits developers to achieve more granular controls over the built-in. For instance, they can run the code even if they have restricted access to the external domains or the main file system. This way developers can protect their data and design.

  • Fastest JS runtime

Deno is the fastest JS runtime backed up with the V8 JS engine of Chrome. Since speed is one of the important criteria of Slack that they want to offer to users, Deno is the perfect solution. It has paced up both the decision-making process and communication.

  • Prioritizing functionality

While using Slack, users don't need to focus on the infrastructure and setup management. This platform is all about improving functionality. With the integration of Deno and Slack CLI, users can focus on improving their codebase rather than putting in effort on installing dependencies.

  • Infusing multi-experience

The collaboration has evidently enhanced the convenience of developers. Using Deno's support from TS, they can release a new SDK in no time. They can use a self-executing binary to speed up the installation and CLI integration process. With Deno’s different plug-ins, they enjoy greater flexibility and attain an integrated development environment.

What’s new on the Slack platform?

The new platform introduced in Slack has allowed developers to build their projects with Slack’s open beta.

  • The faster transition from idea curation to deployment

The advanced developer tools supported in this platform include Slack CLI, Built for Bolt, Run on Slack, Logging, App manifests, and Datastores. With these tools, developers can shorten the distance between idea development to project deployment.

  1. Slack CLI supports fast development by scaffolding, creating, and deploying apps and functions.
  2. With Run on Slack, developers can automate the deployment process, backed up with managed and secure Slack infrastructure.
  3. With Logging, developers can get access to app-level and function-level logging. This helps in the app debugging process.
  4. With reusable and shareable manifest files, users can save time in configuring apps.
  5. With Datastores, it is convenient to retrieve and store data in the Run On Slack applications.
  6. Built for bolt is the new development framework. Users can extend different platform functionalities to the existing applications.
  • Quick connection to external services

The next-generation platform of Slack has allowed users to message others with metadata. They don't need to deal with complicated APIs. Anyone can now develop apps and workflows with the provided metadata making communication more robust.

  • Attaining flexible functionality

Now, with shareable and modular building blocks, the development process has been simplified. Users can build modular functions for strengthening the service connection and automating tasks in Slack. Users can get desired workflows with predefined and custom functions of slack. Users can add their triggers to the existing workflows.

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A brand new Slack platform in collaboration with Deno

This is the basis of collaborating with Deno and bringing in innovation in Slack.

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The skyrocketing popularity of Deno

A secure architecture

Fastest JS runtime

Prioritizing functionality

Infusing multi-experience

What’s new on the Slack platform?

The faster transition from idea curation to deployment

Quick connection to external services

Attaining flexible functionality