A Beginner Guide To Deno Core Basic- Learn Deno 2023

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Technologies are getting secure and adaptable with an introduction of advance tools and methodologies. Every browser needs sustainable runtime environment for running web application in an external browser. There is a great buzz going in the market regarding comparison between Node Js and Deno. In this blog, we will be covering some depth information about Deno and also compare it with Node Js.

What is Deno Js?

Deno Js is a simple and well-designed runtime environment that is used for both JavaScript and TypeScript. It is built with rust programming language and that makes it a great option for developing any gaming application. The security is considered as primary focus point of Deno and it also consists of well-designed modules.

Advantages of Deno

There are multiple benefits of using Deno over other runtime environment and some of them are listed below

Better Package Management: Every package in Deno is usually loaded from the URL and hence user need not to install it specifically from NPM at first. Therefore, it is faster and needs less time to manage all the package installation.

No Configuration is required for typescript: Adding Typescript together with Node Js will be a complicated process and we need to follow a long process to get them work together. Deno already having TypeScript feature added to it and user just need to add .ts extension to add TypeScript compiler.

Easy access to browser API: Node Js don’t have direct access to any browser API and that means we cannot able to natively call required fetch function. We have to follow long step process to call fetch function in Node Js by installing package and then importing it using necessary command. Deno makes this process easier as it has direct access to window object and that allows user to directly call fetch function.

More number of built in libraries: Another most important features that makes Deno stronger than Node Js is availability of multiple built in libraries. It enhances overall productivity as well as demand of this tool in the market.

Similarities between Deno and Node Js?

There are some similarities in between both the runtime environment and they are listed below

Backend services: Both Node Js and Deno is used to build backend services for API that is utilized in mobile or web application.

Database Communication: Deno is also used to communicate with some database just like Node Js.

Storing file and sending emails: Both approaches plays a vital part in sending emails as well as in storing various files.

Why should we use Deno?

The question that is still coming to our mind is that why should we use any alternative of Node Js for running an application. Node Js is a strong runtime environment that is compatible with every platform and so why should we actually think about any alternatives. There are some best features that makes Deno a strong option for running application and some of them are discussed below

Easy to implement: Deno is a simple and easy tool that requires no prior knowledge for implementation. It is also considered as the best tool for prototyping as well as agile development.

Time and resource saving: Deno is highly preferred by developers as it saves so much time in developing an application. It also has faster response time as well as speed and that makes it highly productive.

High security: This tool is secure by default and access to any files, network or environment is not granted until it is enabled by user.

It uses TypeScript: The primary benefit of using Deno Js is that it uses all the features as well as code base of TypeScript.

How is Deno different from Node Js?

Ryan Dahl is an original creator of both Node Js and Deno runtime environment and he noticed some major drawbacks or faults in Node Js structure. Deno 1.0.0 was released on May 13, 2020 and first released was declared stable. Deno includes First class TypeScript support and that is missing in Node Js. Deno is written using Rust programming language and that itself is growing so fast results in increasing demand of the tool. Some other features of Deno development that are not present in Node Js includes type checking, properly designed modules, centralized distribution and many others. Deno also can easily breaks any unhandled exceptions and this features are not available in case of Node Js.

How to Install Deno?

There are some simple steps that we need to follow for installing Deno in our system and they are listed below

Step 1: At first we need to go to Deno website and that is Deno.land. Then we will find multiple ways to install Deno and it depends on operating system.

Step 2: There are various methods that can be utilized for installing Deno and we will be using PowerShell method to complete installation.

The command that can be used for installing Deno in Power shell is mentioned below

Iwr https:// deno.land/x/install/install.ps1 –useb | iex

Step 3: The command that is mentioned above will start installing Deno and it will take some sufficient permission from user.

Step 4: Once the installation is completed, then user can run and check with any command. For example, user can write deno – help and then it will list out all the variables and subcommands of it. The command deno –V can be used to check actual version of deno that is installed in the system.

Implementing Deno using Visual Studio code

There are many editor and extension that can actually be used to implement Deno and visual studio code is best among them. There are some basic steps that user actually needs to implement for executing deno using this application and they are listed below

Step 1: Download visual studio code application from link code.visualstudio.com/download

Step 2: Select tool for downloading from the available option according to Operating system of system

Step 3: Open Visual Studio code and install Deno extension by clicking on last bottom icon placed in the left side.

Step 4: Click install button on Deno option and after installing it will add Deno support for visual studio code.

Step 5: Now create a directory in power shell to get started. The command for creating directory is mkdir hello-deno

Step 6: After that we have to enter inside the folder (hello deno) and for that we will be writing the command cd hello and then click tab to auto complete it.

Step 7: We can write code . command to open visual studio code directly using power shell.

Step 8: Now, we can create a new project or file by clicking on folder icon available in the left side denoted as “HELLO DENO”. The extension should be .ts as it denotes the extension of typescript file. Therefore, the file name should be app. ts

How to debug in Deno

The debugging of Deno code can be implemented or done from google chrome as well as using visual studio code.

Debug using Visual studio code

Step 1: Click on run in visual studio code application

Step 2: Click on Add configuration from the options and then select Node.js

Step 3: Remove already existing code from there and paste code that is mentioned in the Debugger (VSCode) section of Deno manual document.

Step 4: Now replace one parameter that is “<centry_point>” with “server.ts” and that indicates entry point parameter of all application.

Step 5: Now click on Run button that is available on the left side of application and denoted by play button symbol

Step 6: We will be getting error as we have not added unstable flag and so we need to add “—unstable” keyword in the runtime argument code before “server.ts”.

Step 7: Click on Run button again after adding the above syntax and it will starts debugging.


Deno is having multiple features and methods that makes it more user friendly and flexible for use. The points that are covered in this blog clearly concludes Deno as strongest option comparing to Node Js for running various web and mobile application in external browser. The best part of implementing an application using Deno runtime environment is addition of TypeScript with just simple steps. Deno also provides extra layer of security and well-developed modules to the user for executing an application. It is necessary to keep various factor in consideration such as security, implementation time, response time, compilation support and features to decide best solution for running any web application. However, Node Js is still a giant in technology sector and replacing it will take time for Deno. I hope you find this blog useful.

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A Beginner Guide To Deno Core Basic- Learn Deno 2023

Deno Js is a simple and well-designed runtime environment that is used for both JavaScript and TypeScript.

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